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As a first time dog parent I didn't have a clue.  Riva was exactly the help I needed, and more caring and knowledgeable than I would have expected.  She really gives it her all to make sure you and your new family member get everything out of your training sessions.  Even after our session were done, she would spend time on the phone answering any questions I had. I can't say enough wonderful things about Riva.  Me and Olivia just love her.  Thank you so much Riva. Kim, Huntington

Thank you so much Riva for helping us prepare little Gia for fun family adventures such as these. We started with an awesome, good-natured pup & you created an amazing little one who captures attention everywhere she goes. People cannot believe she is only 7 months old & has such amazing manners. She has been enjoying our trip as much as we are especially because she is so well behaved. Your knowledge & experience helped us nip bad behaviors in the bud before they became really annoying habits. Gia has tolerated a 5 hour family reunion with more than 80 strangers (inside because of the rain), adapting to her city environment instead of her lush backyard, streets full of distractions, noises & dogs of all sizes, boating (fyi...Bichons are not water dogs!), waiting patiently under tables in outdoor cafes, hotel life, long car rides and so on. There are no words to express our gratitude to you but let's not stop here...we are a work in progress! 

Linda, Huntington

Riva is a treasure.  Finding Su Casa Pet Sitting has been a gift.  As an anxious pet parent, I miss and worry about my cat Oona when we go away.  Now with Riva I just miss her.  No worrying.  It is a wonderful feeling to know a (the) most important family member is well taken care of.  Riva is always accommodating, flexible, professional and kind.  I can't say enough about Riva and the excellent service Su Casa Pet Sitting provides.

Ellen, Centerport

Two of the most precious loves of your life are your pets and your home.  Leaving them is a very hard thing to do...but we all have times (happy or sad) when this is a "must do".  Even if you are having a wonderful is so hard not to worry about your little "furry loves" & your very special place....your home.  This was always a very hard issue for me until a wonderful lady named Riva came into my life!!!  She is the most positive, capable, trustworthy person & the love and connection she has with animals is rare and amazing.  I have an adorable little Havanese named Indy (with a slight separation anxiety issue!!) and a equally sweet feral cat named Boo (who also has a rather large shyness issue).  In a very short time, Riva has developed a true and special bond with these little guys & also has provided a most professional and conscientious attitude concerning the care of my home.  Riva has provided me with the ability to enjoy my vacations....knowing that she is at the helm!!!  My husband is also THRILLED with Riva...(happy wife...happy life!!!). So a BIG thank-you Riva from all of us and a huge recommendation to all of you out there who will be totally thrilled with Riva & Su Casa Pet Sitting!!!!

Barbara & Ed, Centerport

What a find!  Riva is so dedicated to, knowledgeable and instinctive with our dogs. Not only is she wonderful with animals, but she helps us to understand their behavior so that we can have a better relationship with them. We asked her initially to pet sit and then asked her to help with training, especially because we brought a new pup into the home. Little did we know that our rambunctious puppy would injure himself and require special care after a surgery. We are assured of her expert care when we have to leave the dogs at home for awhile. I would not hesitate for a second in recommending her for all aspects of pet sitting and training. Her training methods work spectacularly - after one session of working with me to train my older dog Archie, I was able to control him for a wonderful one hour walk on the very next outing. Her methods are firm, kind and humane. She really loves animals and respects people plus she is prompt, trustworthy, reliable and accessible. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found her.

Carol Anne, Huntington, NY

Three months ago, we adopted the loves of our lives - Sundance and Adolfo - Twin Yellow Lab pups!  Both my husband and I work long hours and do not currently live near family to help puppy-sit. Needless to say, we were very concerned about the boys being home for long hours without us... Until we found Riva. Immediately upon emailing, Riva responded to my every question (and I had a lot!). Before I even met her in person, we were at ease. Then, Riva came to our home and made us feel so comfortable with any arrangements that worked for our schedule. She has since come to visit, feed and play with the boys every day (once or twice) 5 days a week. She writes me via text with each visit as to set my mind at ease while I can not be home. Sometimes they will even pose for a pic :) Basically, Riva has far surpassed my expectations and we are so lucky to have found her! I highly recommend her to anyone who is crazy, like we are, about their little furry loved ones.

Nadia, Centerport

I've entrusted Riva with the daily care of my two labs and can't emphasize enough how integral she has become in our lives!  Riva is dependable, kind and incredibly loving... the pooches have grown to look for her on weekends. She takes great care of them while I'm at work and provides me with peace of mind that the boys are happy.   Riva always makes herself available to make extra visits if needed and leaves me little notes about how the boys did!  In all truth, I don't know what I'd do without her.  We love you Riva and thank you for everything!

Marisa, Northport

Su Casa is the best. Conscientious, attentive, and nurturing. We absolutely love Riva and so does our mastiff, Harry. She has covered us on short-notice and been very understanding and helpful whenever we have had to change our plans. It is so comforting to be able to leave and know that Harry is so well taken care of. When we come home, he is as happy as if we never left.  We secretly think Harry likes Riva more than us!

Jeralyn, Greenlawn

Riva at Su Casa Pet Sitting has been part of our family for almost two years now. Finding her shortly after our move to Long Island from Texas has been a godsend. We travel often and I never have to think twice about Maxie's care in our absence. I know without a doubt that she is well cared for and content... it is obvious by how happy and relaxed Maxie is in Riva's presence. Riva is truly a dog whisperer, very "connected" to her charges. Maxie love, love, loves her Auntie Riva and we do too!

Suzanne, Huntington

I can’t help it if my puppy has become another baby for me. So when I go to work daily, I need to leave her in the BEST hands and that would be Riva from Su Casa Pet Sitting. Riva treats my Caidy (Riva nicknamed her) EXACTLY as I would want: lovingly and wisely. She is my authority on dogs and is quick with helpful suggestions to improve the care of Caidy since I am a new “mommy” to the puppy. I am often in contact with Riva during the day and look forward to the notes that she leaves me about the great time that the two of them had. If you need someone like yourself, or even better, to care for your animal, call Riva and leave the house rest assured.

Lisa, Huntington Bay

Being new dog owners, we needed a lot of help when we adopted a 9-week old puppy last year.  Riva was the calm and experienced hand that we needed to get us through puppyhood and help us raise our now very sociable and well-behaved dog Zoey. Riva always has an effective training technique to suggest when we ask for help with Zoey, and is readily available when we need pet sitting. When she’s sitting for Zoey, Riva takes the utmost care and gives the same level of affection as if Zoey were her own. And Zoey clearly feels it because she’s beside herself with happiness whenever she sees Riva. If you’re looking for conscientious, trustworthy and experienced help with your dog or puppy, you won’t find anyone better than Su Casa Pet Sitting.

Elaine and Tim, Centerport

My wife and I moved to Northport, NY in June of 2009 and being avid travelers one of our greatest concerns was what to do with our two dogs Berry & Merlin. Berry a rescue Greyhound and Merlin a 3 legged rescue Beagle/Basset both have very special personalities and individual needs and by a stroke of luck we happened to find Riva and Su Casa Pet Sitting. We have been using Su Casa for over two years now and whether we use Riva for an occasional visit during the day because we’re out locally and won’t be able to get home, or for long term care we’ve had nothing but perfect experiences. We have gone away for as long as 10 days and left the pups under Riva’s care finding that when we come home everything is perfect. We also had a situation during Spring 2010 where we had to be out the whole day every Saturday for 11 weeks and Riva was there for us every week. Being able to leave the dogs home in their comfortable environment is much nicer then bringing them to a kennel and Riva’s tender, loving care approach never disappoints. 

David and Rebecca, Northport

When I had to leave town suddenly and was unable to arrange for boarding my two large, sweet but needy dogs I searched for an alternative to boarding. I found your website and you responded immediately and after meeting with you I entrusted my pals (and my home) to your care without hesitation. Best decision I ever made. My dogs were able to stay in the familiar comfort of their home and were cared for with the same special attention they get from my wife and myself. Even down to giving them their pills (a messy job). It's a great relief to know that I can travel without worrying about the care and comfort of my buddies. Thanks for your responsible, caring attention.  

Larry, Northport

Not only were we fortunate to have found the perfect dog, but we were equally fortunate to have found the perfect dog sitter. Riva's high level of professionalism and responsibility is matched by her warmth and obvious deep affection and knowledge of dogs. She is a welcomed and valued addition to any dog lover’s family.

Sally and Hershel, Huntington

Once we began using Su Casa all my "dog-guilt" went away. I know that my dog, Riley, will have enough attention and exercise from his visits with Ms. Riva. I especially appreciate that Ms. Riva takes into consideration the type of dog and works with that dog accordingly. I fully trust the care she provides. We have been using her service for noon-time visits as well as for over-night care. It is relaxing to go on vacation knowing that Mr. Riley will be comfortable in his home environment. Mr. Riley tells me quite often how he loves the Ms. Riva belly rubs. We feel very fortunate to have our dog cared for as we would care for him. Mr. Riley says "I am very happy when my friend Ms. Riva visits. We go on a nice walk, we cuddle on the couch, and she gives me treats. Sometimes we go for a swim or a walk on the treadmill. The best part is when we stop and smell everything in the neighborhood. I miss her when she goes, but know that I will see her again soon. I could not have a better friend than Ms. Riva."

Lori Ann, Fort Salonga

Su Casa Pet Sitting visits our Shih Tzu every day and we are extremely pleased with this service. Riva is reliable, dedicated, trustworthy, and gives excellent care to our dog. We also depend on Riva to visit our home occasionally when we are traveling which gives us great peace of mind.

Laurie & Maria, Huntington

Su Casa Pet Sitting is the best! My dog, Kramer and his sister Mallie are so fortunate to have Riva to look after them either while we are away on vacation, out for the day, or at work. The service that is provided is invaluable. Su Casa Pet Sitting (Riva) is kind, trustworthy, caring, professional and is always willing to accommodate our schedules. I highly recommend Riva for any/all of your pet care needs! Once you have had Su Casa take care of your pets, you will never want to use anyone else ever again! If my dog(s) could speak, they would agree!

Pam, Centerport

If you're like me, the first thing you think about when planning a trip is "what about the cat/dog?" My cat Columbus is kind of old and he and I just moved to Centerport, Long Island right before I took a long-planned vacation. I put "pet sitting" and my zip code into Google and Su Casa came up. We set up an appointment and met at my place to go over the layout. The nice lady from Su Casa collected my mail, scooped the poop, took out the garbage, slogged through my snow-filled driveway at the top of a steep hill and made sure Columbus was very well-taken care of. I am grateful to Su Casa. They eased my mind with their professionalism and compassion, and proved themselves to be excellent caregivers to my old guy. I would like to recommend this service to anyone living in the area around Huntington, Long Island. They are bonded, reliable and truly caring people. Five Stars!

Jon, Centerport

I put my 4 male dogs in the care of Riva when I am at work. She lovingly takes care of them in my home and goes the extra mile to put in her personal touch. She feeds, cleans, plays, and most appreciated, pets them at length. The boys love her! Riva is a true blessing. I am so lucky to have found her. Thank you Riva!

David, Huntington

I recently adopted a rescue puppy and was looking for a professional to get me started with her training because this was the first time I've owned my own dog. Luckily, I found Su Casa Pet Sitting. Riva, came to my own home, got me set up with all of the puppy supplies I would need and worked with me for an intensive week of beginner's training for my puppy. The change in my puppy's behavior just from that one week seminar was incredible! She got me on the right track with her training and made everything so simple for me! I call her now for sitting any time I'm going to be away from the house for too long and it takes so much worry away just knowing that my new dog will get all the attention she needs even when I can't be around. Su Casa Pet Sitting is such a great service. I recommend it to everyone!!

Dee, Centerport

I don’t know who loves Su Casa Pet Sitting more, me or my four legged fluffy "dogter", Kismet!  I am a firm believer that our pets know when love is being given freely to them. They respond to training so much quicker when they sense that element. Su Casa combines the love with the lessons. If you are lucky enough to be near Centerport and can take advantage of the pet sitting, even if your "baby" does not need training any more, do not miss the opportunity to introduce your pet to Su Casa's owner, Riva!

Iris, Huntington

I’m gone at work the whole day, so I have Riva (Su Casa Pet Sitting) come over to give Oliver, my poodle, a break in the middle of the day. He used to be frantic when I came home from work, but now he’s nice and relaxed. The afternoon play time and attention have made a huge difference. Riva is extremely conscientious and reliable.

Karen, Huntington

My husband and I travel a lot and we would never leave Bella in a kennel type of facility. We always have Riva from Su Casa Pet Sitting come over when we’re away. She is amazing - so caring and responsible - she takes great care of Bella and our home. She follows our exact routine with Bella and knows all her favorite games and toys. Bella gets fed and taken out exactly on schedule and I think at this point that Bella considers Riva a member of the family.  It’s a great comfort to know Bella is in such good hands when we’re away.

Sue, Northport 

After our lesson on Wednesday, I realized in some respects I've been treating Marley like a person rather than my pet. I put your techniques to work...amazing I tell you!! I understand how important it is to show that I'm the pack leader. We've accomplished the staying out of the kitchen, the no dog zone when I'm on the couch, the belly calming (he loves) and the 'down' position...I snap my fingers and say uh uh and he's like "crouching golden retriever, hidden dragon." I can't tell you how much your guidance has helped me.  Marley is a super him what he needs: exercise, discipline and THEN affection is great for both of us. I just want to thank you for everything you have taught me!

Melissa & Brian, Northport

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