Bringing home a new puppy is a happy and exciting time...

                     but it can be a little overwhelming too !

What supplies will I need?  Should I crate train?  Where should my puppy sleep?  When should my puppy have it’s first visit to the vet?  How much exercise does my puppy need?  How do I house train my new puppy?  How do I make my puppy’s adjustment to the new environment go smoothly? 

Don’t worry!  Help is on the way!

I specialize in getting you off to a great start with your new adorable, four legged member of the family. I’ll even deliver all the supplies you’ll need in your home prior to the puppy’s arrival if you don’t have the time to shop. 

Click to view my Happy New Puppy Starter Kit for a list of these basic supplies. Then we will discuss preparation of the home to make it a safe and welcoming place for your new puppy and we’ll go over all the areas of caring for your little pup. 

Su Casa Puppy Lessons are designed to teach you how to raise a happy, healthy, well mannered dog. Lessons cover every area of training beginning with basic crate training and house training. You will then learn, with my guidance, how to train and correct your puppy and your puppy will learn all the necessary skills including sit, down, stay, over, come, off, leave it, drop and heel. In a short time you will have a puppy that walks at your side on a leash, waits calmly for its food, greets people without jumping, and obeys commands. This is accomplished through positive reinforcement and consistency. Your puppy will be a calm, happy, friendly and self-confident member of the family who knows its role in the household. The one hour lessons can be scheduled individually, or we can arrange a series of customized lessons to suit your needs. I will work with you, other family members and your new puppy. I can also supplement these sessions and work directly with your puppy.


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