Su Casa Pet Sitting Is Customized Pet Care That Comes To Your Home!


      Whether you’re going away on vacation or putting in long hours at work

              I've got professional, quality pet care covered for you!


Just contact Su Casa Pet Sitting at least one week prior to the desired start date of service to set up a consultation at a time that’s convenient for you - including nights and weekends. There is no charge for this visit. I will come to your home to get acquainted with you and your pets, go over your pet care and home care routines, and answer any questions you may have. We will discuss the services you would like, along with cost and procedures.  You can show me where your pet eats, sleeps, plays, goes potty, and which rooms in the house are off limits. You will have the opportunity to tell me all about your pet’s specific likes and dislikes, habits and needs, his/her exercise and feeding schedule, as well as where your pet’s supplies are kept. I will ask you to fill out a contact information form so that I know how to reach you and your vet in an emergency, and I will provide you with a service contract that specifies my services and fees. Please have a spare house key ready. Your key will be labeled with your pet’s name - never your name or address. I carry full liability insurance. 


I will work with you to provide the care and schedule that exactly suits your needs and your pet’s. I am available seven days a week from the first morning walk and feeding to the last meal and outing of the day. I customize my services to meet your needs!



Afternoon Play Breaks

My most requested type of visit! Do long days at work leave you worrying about your pets?

Let me surprise them with a visit.

For Dogs:

Let your dog release its energy with a walk or a romp in your yard and a play date with

Su Casa Pet Sitting, LLC. This gives your dog a needed potty break and a great time to play and release its energy in a productive way. I will feed and replenish water as needed, administer medications if required, and ensure that you dog receives lots of attention!

For Cats:

I’ll bring out the toys to entertain your cats and let them release their energy with good exercise and healthy play. I’ll also feed, clean the litter box and refresh the water for your fluffy four-legged friends.

Pet Sitting

For the family going away from home. Whether you are planning a day’s outing or going away for a more extended period of time, I will care for your pets as if they were my own, in their own comfortable surroundings. I will be there for their early morning potty break, one or two mid-day breaks as desired, and their last evening outing. They will be fed on their regular schedule, and get affection and interactive play at each visit. See below for the many other services which are always included while you’re away.          


This is for the dog that craves hugs and kisses in a one-on-one setting. I’ll start our visit out by giving your dog hugs from first sighting. After this greeting, I will take your dog for a potty break and some fresh air. I'll bring favorite treats along, and will reward your dog for its good behavior! We will then return to your house to play with your dog’s favorite toys and end with a nice relaxing combing or a nap on my lap.

Personalized play

Whether your dog likes snuggling on the couch or playing in the snow, I can offer your dog an hour of personalized fun depending on your dog’s special needs, temperament and personality.


I will teach you how to raise a happy, healthy, well mannered dog. The one hour lessons cover every area of training - from basic crate training to advanced off-leash work and everything in between! Puppy training lessons can be scheduled per visit, or we can arrange a series of customized visits to suit your needs. I will work with you, your new puppy and other family members. I can also supplement these sessions and work directly with your puppy. Click to view our Puppy Training page. Training is offered for older dogs too. We will address any new problems that may have cropped up, work on skills that have gotten rusty or teach your mature dog something new! Do you have a treadmill in your home? Let me teach you how to give your pooch a great workout in bad weather, or just some extra exercise. 


Su Casa Pet Sitting is also available to take your pet to and from appointments with the vet or groomer. No need to reschedule an appointment when you’re too busy to spare the time! 

You bet we give tummy rubs!

Did someone say “rain”?

Who knew exercise could be so much fun?

Su Casa Pet Sitting


Our Services

Always Included:

Lots of Affection
Refilling Water
Potty Breaks
Cleaning Litter Box
Giving Treats
Quality Play Time
Administering Medication
Watering Indoor Plants
Bringing in Mail and Newspapers

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